Complexity’s Paradox: Tour De Walsh Results – 12/9/2023

The Tour De Walsh is a piece of Halo history. Named after the legendary David “Walshy” Walsh, the custom game is a Free-For-All on the map Midship with an unlimited time limit and unlimited score. The mode was played by pros who just wanted to game and grind.

HCS-partnered organization, Complexity, decided to host their own version of a Tour De Walsh as a part of their ongoing Paradox tournament series with $5,000 up for grabs.

Eight players were invited to compete: the top three players from the 2023 Halo World Championship FFA (ItzTheLastShot, Goober, and Flurriously), three professional players (Mikwen, Gilkey, and Frosty), and two content creators (EliTheNinja and Gamesager). The competition would consist of four rounds each with an unlimited time limit, but with a 250 score-to-win. At the end of all four rounds, the kills will be totaled to determine a winner. There were also bounties that could be collected to earn some cash as well. Achievements like “Most Overkills” and “Best Accuracy” awarded $250 each.

Below are the results from the competition. If you missed the broadcast, you can find the VOD over on Complexity’s Twitch channel.

via Complexity