Cloud9 Bids Farewell to Halo

Cloud9 announced today on Twitter that they have released their Halo team.

The tweet doesn’t specifically state that C9 are exiting the HCS, but it does sound like it. On his stream, HCS caster, Goldenboy suggested that Cloud9 are no longer in Halo, stating “I want people in Halo that actually want to be a part of it and I can tell you that was not the case with Cloud9.” Cloud9 is (was) one of the founding organizations in the HCS Partnership Program. Their team made it to every Grand Finals of every LAN during Season 1, winning HCS Raleigh and HCS Anaheim.

As for where the players end up next, the current rumor is that they’ll be heading to Spacestation Gaming, which teased an announcement about Halo coming tomorrow.