Catalyst, KotH Details Revealed

A few weeks ago, we found out that King of the Hill would be making it’s debut with Season 2 of Halo Infinite and we were shown two new maps. The map Catalyst, will be included in the ranked playlist and we can only assume that it will put into rotation in the HCS map pool (all but officially confirmed). Today, we were give more information about both the new mode and map, including which modes will be played on Catalyst and how KotH will be a little different than what we’re used to.


  • Slayer and CTF game modes (at Season 2 launch)

King of the Hill (ranked)

  • Each Hill now has a Control Meter. Teams fill their Control Meter when occupying the Hill uncontested.
  • Capture rate is static regardless of how many players are in the Hill
  • Contesting a Hill will pause Control progress.
  • When a team fills their Control Meter, they earn 1 Point.
  • It takes 35 seconds to fill the meter
  • Score-to-win is 4 points
  • Hills have a very quick Capture Time that can be paused by Contesting.
  • Hills quickly decay ownership back to Neutral when unoccupied.
  • Hills move only when a team has filled their Control Meter, “winning” that Hill.
  • The entire Hill sequence is consistent every match.
  • Matches utilize the Objective Clock mechanic. Like Oddball, the Match Timer only depletes when the Hill is unoccupied.